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Linked Events event interface

You can utilise the Linked Events event interface to have your events appear on several event calendars, enabling you to reach participants better.

events reaching residents

Linked Events is the City of Helsinki’s event interface that is useful for reaching your target group and increasing awareness of your events. Events entered into the interface are automatically published on the City’s event calendar and service map, as well as calendar applications other than those maintained by the City. Therefore, you should ensure that the description of the event is easy to understand in different places of use.

Entering events

You can enter events at You can obtain user rights by first logging in to the service with a City of Helsinki employee username and password and then requesting confirmation for the rights. The website can be used anywhere and with mobile devices as well. You can obtain the right to edit the events of your own organisation.

When entering events, remember:

  • The event information must be provided at least in Finnish. We also recommend filling out the information in Swedish and English, especially in cases of large events suitable for language target groups.
  • You can give recurring events several dates. Events can also be copied, potentially decreasing the amount of work involved.
  • Fill out the information as extensively and accurately as possible. Refer to the help texts of the form for assistance.
  • Carefully filled out information will make the event easier to find:
  • Use a header that is understandable in different contexts.
  • Write a ‘short description’ and a ‘description’ of the event. The short description is only showed on lists, while the description is displayed on the event page.
  • If the target group is limited, communicate this clearly in the description field.
  • Use an interesting image that is indicative of the event. Use a 3:2 horizontal image that is suitable for online use, e.g. 1200 X 800 px.
  • Classifying your event with keywords is important in order for the users of different applications to find your event among all the others. Select several keywords and favour ones that have been used for several events. By selecting ‘participation’, ‘resident activities’ and/or ‘influencing’ as keywords, you can have your events displayed on these pages as well.
  • Select the main category and target groups. These are primarily for the website, but they are also displayed to others utilising the interface.